AT&T may not exactly be the Starsky to Sony’s Hutch in North America, but they have been known to team up in the past to some degree of success. You haven’t forgotten about the Xperia Ion, have you? Granted, the Ion hasn’t set the charts alight, but the carrier apparently is opening a new chapter with the Xperia maker. This time it’s with one of the crowd’s favorites at IFA 2012: the Xperia T.

Both AT&T and Sony haven’t made a partnership that will bring Xperia T to American soils official. What we do have – a preliminary proof, if you will – is promotional photos of the Xperia T, where the phone shown in the pictures bears that familiar AT&T branding. Of all places, the promo shots showed up on the website of one UK-based phone retailer, Phones4U, which is already taking orders for the James Bond phone.

Seeing that Sony is keen to bring the phone out to the market as quickly as possible, at least in the UK, we should be hearing more from the two companies in the coming days about the Xperia T and its arrival in North America. We do think there’s a demand for a 4.6-inch HD smartphone with dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, and 13MP rear camera. We’ll keep you posted.