xperia zl hands on

Well, this is unexpected. Sony’s online US Store only started accepting pre-orders for the Xperia ZL yesterday and shipping is already underway. For now, the LTE-enabled version (C6506) in black is the only one up for grabs, but chances are other models will get released ahead of schedule too.

Pricing hasn’t budged one penny yet, so early birds looking to get their grubby hands on Sony’s 5-inch non-waterproof phone are asked to dig deep in their pockets and cough up a whopping $759.99.

That’s also what the red and white LTE variants go for on pre-orders, with shipping dates estimated at April 8. Meanwhile, the HSPA+ version (model number C6502) has oddly disappeared from Sony’s store, meaning it could get an unwanted delay. Remember, that’s slightly more affordable than the 4G ZL, being expected to go for 720 bucks.

Xperia ZL

On the bright side, PVCS through Amazon does still have the 3G ZL in stock (only five units left at the time of this writing) and pricing is also much better – $624.99 off-contract. Negri Electronics was another retailer that sold this flavor of the 5-incher yesterday (for $654.50), but now the phone is backordered.

We have much better news for folks waiting for the Xperia ZL up north, even though the release is still slated for April 2. According to a leaked internal doc, Bell will be selling the handheld outright for $599.95, which is $25 less than what Rogers is allegedly planning to charge its customers.

Aside from Bell and Rogers, we expect to see the ZL sold by Mobilicity, MTS, Videotron and WIND Mobile, but there’s no word on exact release dates or price tags for any of these four Canadian carriers.