xperia zl hands on

While we have been able to gather quite a lot of information on Xperia Z’s availability and pricing in the last week or so, the 5-incher’s almost twin has been a much more discreet presence in the news. The Sony Xperia ZL has however now popped up in Germany, where it’s available for pre-order via

That’s the good news here, while the bad news is when the retailer expects to be able to ship the non-waterproof beast – in April. We’re not too enthusiastic about the pricing either (€599.99, or $800 off-contract), but the seller did remove it from its website, so it might have been a typo after all.


Then again, Phonehouse does list the Xperia Z at €649.99 (just like Amazon), and we guess there’s no reason why the ZL should be a lot cheaper than its “cousin”. The phones are almost identical from a design standpoint (though the ZL is five grams heavier, a tad shorter and a little thicker), while the hardware, as far as we know, is completely Xeroxed.

It should now be interesting to see if Sony will apply this German tactic of releasing the Xperia Z first and the ZL a couple of months after in the rest of Europe, although we still think there’ll be countries that will only get one device out of the duo.

One last tidbit for people following us from Deutschland, as Phonehouse seems to have revealed the on-contract price of the Xperia Z. The phone is listed at €139.99 ($187), though we can’t really tell with what carrier (can somebody help us with that, please?). with E-Plus.