Sony Xperia ZL

Well, what do you know. The (virtual) ink didn’t even get to dry off our latest Sony Xperia Z availability update post and we already have something new to report. This time it’s about the ZL, but it’s not like the two phones are very different, right?

Unfortunately, this latest news is kind of bittersweet – or better yet two parts bitter and one part sweet. Sony’s latest non-waterproof flagship has been confirmed as coming to Canada in April, which is not what the Xperia makers told us last month.

Back then the ZL was scheduled to land up north in the first fiscal quarter of the year, which we’re almost positive is going to end on March 31. Granted, that’s not the most severe delay people have been forced to endure lately, but it’s that much painful when you consider the Z is likely going to never officially visit Canada.

And if you add in the equation how Sony chose to handle the “is the Z coming, is it not?” January snafu, we can definitely understand if you don’t want to touch the ZL with a ten-foot pole. But just in case you change your mind, here’s the sweet part of the report – the phone will be out on most important Canadian carriers come April, including Bell, Rogers, Mobilicity, MTS, Videotron and WIND.

No official word on pricing yet, but if we were to make a guess we’d probably say $150 with carrier agreements and $700 give or take off contract. All things considered, is anyone interested in the Xperia ZL in Canada?