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Sony’s Xperia ZL might have looked inferior to the Z at first, but there’s a growing enthusiasm among tech aficionados towards the non-waterproof 5-incher. Our recent ZL review has confirmed the phone is one of the absolute best around, despite a couple of minor flaws and one not so minor – the mediocre display.

Available for a little while in countries like India, Russia, Australia and US, the Xperia ZL is starting today up for grabs in Canada too. Unlike stateside, where the 5-incher can only be had in unlocked flavors, up north there are already three carriers to offer it subsidized.

At a first glance, Bell is your go-to network if you want to save up a couple of bucks. Canada’s number two carrier has the ZL available at $99.95 with three-year contracts and $599.95 (as rumored) in a SIM-free flavor.

Videotron, the much smaller regional wireless service provider, sells the ZL for an identical off-contract price, but for a much heftier $199.95 with 36-month agreements. You can get the 5-incher for $299.95 too, again with 3-year contracts, but with slightly cheaper plans starting at $39.95 a month.

Sony Xperia ZL

Finally, Rogers charges $624.99 for the phone on a “month-to-month”, while the on-contract version starts at $124.99. All three carriers seem to only have the black ZL available for now, but we’re guessing the white one should be launched soon too.

The Xperia ZL is confirmed to also land on Mobilicity, MTS and WIND, but for now we don’t have any hard evidence relating to the official release dates and price points there. Still oddly missing from the launch party is Telus, the number three carrier in the country.

Meanwhile, Americans looking for the compact handheld should know that the Sony online store has had some difficulty in fulfilling early orders, which is why the device is again stuck on pre-order status, with April 8 being the newest estimated ship date.

All things considered, is the Xperia ZL worth its Canadian price? Are you planning to get it anytime soon? If so, what carrier will you go for and why?