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Sony Xperia Z2 vs Xperia Z1: Display Comparison (MWC 2014)

The Sony Xperia Z2 has an updated display that not only has a smaller bezel, but also addresses one key issue with display quality on previous flagships.
February 28, 2014

Sony listened to a lot of the complaints about its previous smartphone flagships, the Xperia Z and the Xperia Z1, and sought to correct those errors with the Sony Xperia Z2. Not only does the Xperia Z2 get a specs bump in some key areas, but most importantly, The Sony Xperia Z2 has an updated and larger display that not only has a better sized bezel, but also addresses one major issue with display quality that the previous Xperia models suffered.

Sony has moved from the TFT display of the Z1 to a IPS LCD display for the Xperia Z2, that provides great colors, high brightness, and most of all, fixes the issue that the Xperia Z1, and the Xperia Z before that, faced with regards to viewing angles.

xperia z1 vs z2 display - 2

When you look at the viewing angles of the Xperia Z1, tilting it in different angles leads to a grey hue that covers everything on the display, which was little disappointing because other than this, the Xperia Z1 display is amazing, at least when you’re looking at it straight on. Even a slight change in the viewing angle would result in a grey overtone blanketing the whole screen.

xperia z1 vs z2 display - 3

When it comes to the Sony Xperia Z2, changing the angle does result in a loss of brightness as expected, but there’s no grey hue that overtakes the display, and it does not affect clarity in any way. You’re still able to look at everything on the screen clearly, albeit with a slightly lowered brightness.

xperia z1 vs z2 display

The displays of both devices are Full HD and feature Sony’s TRILUMINOS and X-Reality technology, that makes for a fantastic Sony TV-like viewing experience. That being said, there have been complaints about the viewing angles with the Xperia Z1, and it’s great to see that Sony has dealt with that issue as well. What do you think of the Xperia Z2’s display based on what you’ve seen so far, impressed by the Z2 or not?