Sony Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z has started selling in the U.S. through the company’s own Sony Store, but it’s only the HSPA+ version you’ll be able to purchase (for the moment, at least).

The Sony Xperia Z, which has made a recent FCC visit, is now available to buy in the Sony Store for $629.99, and apparently you’ll get the device immediately, as it is listed as being “In Stock” (unlike the Sony Xperia Tablet Z, which you can only pre-order at the moment).

The Sony Store offers all of the three color options – black, white and purple – so you can buy an Xperia Z that fits your personality. The interesting thing is that, as Xperia Blog has noticed, the $629.99 is not the cheapest price for the device at the moment. New Egg lists it for $599, should you want the purple or white version, while the black one is priced at $629.99.

The same version (model number C6602) is available on Amazon for $599 both in white and black, while the LTE version (C6603) is also available, for $589.

Moreover, Sony has dropped the price of the Xperia ZL (with LTE support) from $759.99 to $629.99. The device has been available for sale in the region for quite a while now.

To help you with your buying decision, check out our Sony Xperia Z review:

U.S. readers, do you plan on getting a Sony Xperia Z?

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