Xperia Z-3

Sony’s Xperia Z seems to be the most sought-after Android smartphone around (okay, maybe the second most), but we’re still waiting for actual shipments to start. Japan is likely to kick the festivities into gear in about a week, but before that can happen we should get some ETA and pricing updates in a few other key markets across the globe.

While US and Indian Xperia Z cravers are still left hanging for some reason, things are unraveling as we speak in China and New Zealand. Sony’s Chinese branch has confirmed the device’s official off contract price point – 4,999 CNY.

That’s about $795, which might sound a bit costly. However, it’s in fact considerably less than what Sony is planning to charge folks in Japan – 77,280 Yen, or $850. It’s also a lot better than the suspected price points in Europe, which vary from €600 ($815) to €750 ($1,015).


As for the Chinese release date of the Z, that’s still kept under wraps, although we’re almost certain the launch will happen by March. A special Hong Kong press event is scheduled for February 18, while a similar one will take place in Taipei three days later, so chances are the first few lucky people around those parts will get their Z’s by the 25th.

The Xperia ZL is to get a launch soon in China as well, but seeing as there are no pricing details about Z’s “brother”, we’re guessing the ETA is March.

Meanwhile, the latest country added on Xperia Z’s worldwide tour is New Zealand. Kiwis with an eye for mobile technology are to get the phone in March for an unspecified price. That is officially unspecified, because off the record we think New Zealanders will be asked to pay about as much as their neighbors for the 5-incher – $750 unlocked and SIM-free.

The questions that still need answers are which NZ carriers will be picking up the Z (the safest bet is on Vodafone), and whether or not the ZL is also coming (probably not, but you never know). Now, who’s ready to get on the Xperia Z bandwagon? How about the ZL?

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