Who’s up for a new batch of Sony Xperia Z/ZL availability updates? Yes, new, as in different from the UK story reported earlier today, the Canadian and the Irish/Finnish/Australian ones from yesterday and the German one from two days ago.

This time the Z is alone in the spotlight, but that’s understandable. After all, as far as we know, the Xperia ZL is not due to land anywhere until April.

The Z on the other hand has only a few more days to carry on living in the shadows. At least in Germany, where the 5-inch waterproofer could see daylight as soon as February 21 (next Thursday). Though the date was mentioned by Sony Mobile’s Deutsche branch on Facebook, we’re going to still take it with a pinch of salt.

We’re not very fluent in German and we don’t want to rely too much on Google Translate, so the actual selling start of the phone could happen on February 21 or just another formal unveiling event. In any case, it appears there’s also a little contest going on for German Xperia Z cravers, who can win the phone and an invite to whatever will go down at Berlin’s Sony Store on the 21st.

Xperia Z Sweden

T-Mobile and O2 have already confirmed they’ll be carrying the Xperia Z, but the other two major networks in the country (Vodafone and E-Plus) could soon announce the same. As far as pricing goes, we only know the Z will go for around €600-650 off-contract.

Meanwhile, Three is the first Swedish carrier to put up a pre-order listing for Sony’s 5-incher. No exact release date is to be found on the network’s website, but there is an estimated shipping time – 2 to 3 weeks.

We can’t help but envy Swedish tech fans, seeing as the Xperia Z is set to go for free with Three contracts, but the outright price points are much harder to swallow. Business customers will have to cough up SEK 4,396 ($695) for the phone, while residential users will part ways with as much as SEK 5,495, or $870 (including VAT).

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little tired and want this frenzy to end already. You had your fun, Sony, you definitely built up excitement and anticipation, now it’s time to give the world what it wants. Let us have the Xperia Z already!