There’s been a lot of confusion as to what exactly is Sony planning for the nearly identical Xperia Z and ZL handhelds, but the company’s officials are certainly not helping in making people understand the situation.

Canadians for instance “learned” just yesterday that both the Z and ZL are in the near future due for releases up north. Mind you, the info was supposed to be official and rock solid, being revealed by Sony Mobile’s global PR team Twitter account.

But as it so often happens in the “Digital Age”, it seems that the powers that be managing the account were either misinformed or, dare we say it, looking for some free publicity. Sony Canada has of course been a little more diplomatic on the matter, releasing the following statement:

“Everyone is really excited about the week we’ve had at CES. A global representative made an error regarding Canadian product availability. At this time we can confirm that Canadians will be receiving the Xperia ZL as previously announced, but we have nothing to announce about the Xperia Z availability in Canada at this time. We will share more news on future products as they are confirmed.”

Sony Twitter

Oh, so it was overexcitement that caused the “misunderstanding”? Sounds legit (not). But irony aside, what does this statement clear up after all? Seemingly nothing, although usually when there’s nothing to announce about the availability of a phone at a given time, but something about another device, that first one is not coming. Ever.

So, is it a good or bad thing that the ZL is heading to Canada, while the Z is not? Well, it depends on where you’re living. If you’re a Canadian, it’s definitely bad news, because as twin-like the two might seem, the Z is definitely slightly better, with added water and dust proof capabilities and a skinnier body.

Europeans and Asians on the flipside should have a big, big smile on their faces right about now, because if Canada’s not getting the Z that means it’ll be their show. As for US citizens, these might get a few headaches, but nothing on the long-haul. After all, Sony’s already kinda sorta confirmed the Z is hitting the land of the free and home of the brave.

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