Sony Xperia Z

Do you have a version of the Sony Xperia Z that features a locked bootloader? We feel for you, and we have some good news. XDA forum member goroh_kun has found an exploit that will grant root level access on a bootloader-locked Xperia Z.

Sony has recently become much more involved in the developer community, so it might surprise you that some versions have a locked bootloader, but Sony has to work with the carrier’s wishes, too. Those without a bootloader-locked Sony Xperia Z handset have been able to root their handsets since mid-February, but not everyone out there has been so lucky.

So how do you root your locked handset? The steps are actually pretty easy from the sounds of it, but there are a few small problems that seem affect the Z after using the method. For example, some reports say NFC doesn’t work after applying the exploit, but there is an easy fix: delete the /data/usf directory and it will work again.

To get started you can either manually follow the directions found on the XDA Developers forum or you can make use of the Root MANY ANDROID! script from XDA developer Bin4ry, which has now added support for the root. In fact, Bin4ry’s script even has been tweaked to prevent the above mentioned NFC error from occurring.

Keep in mind that goroh_kun came up with the method specifically for the Japanese Sony Xperia Z and other bootlocked versions of the Sony Xperia Z. If you have an Xperia Z that doesn’t have a locked bootloader, there are other methods out there that you can use instead.

Andrew Grush
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