Australia is just one of the many places where the Sony Xperia Z will be gracing its presence. We told you last month that all major mobile operators in the country will be offering the popular phone. Well, now we have some fresh information regarding its availability and pricing in the land of the down under.

If you want to get your claws on the Xperia Z, you’ll have to set aside A$749 (US$775), as it’s the unlocked price that Sony has set for the phone on its webstore.

Since the Xperia maker hasn’t confirmed the exact date of its arrival, we’ll have to turn to carriers to satisfy our — and your — curiosity. Both Vodafone and Optus said that the Xperia Z will be up for grabs starting from mid-March. You can get the Z from Vodafone for free with a $60 monthly plan on a two-year contract, though other plans are also available.

As for Telstra, the mobile operator has confirmed that it’ll be selling both white and black variants of the phone in its brick-and-mortar stores, while the purple model will only be available online. However, the release date there is still missing.



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