Sony Xperia Z

One of the most anticipated Android smartphones to be on display at CES 2013, Sony’s Xperia Z, might have not had many surprises in store spec-wise, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t make waves in Vegas.

In fact, we were quite smitten with the 5-inch 1080p beast after seeing it manhandled by our own Darcy LaCouvee and a charming Sony official, which kind of makes the wait for the official release that much harder to bear.

Thankfully, the launch details have started to leak, with O2 UK guaranteed to get the Z in February and Phones 4U in March. Outside the old continent however, “soon” and “Q1 2013” were the only “timeframes” given out by Sony.

Until today that is, because Australia is now confirmed to get the Xperia Z in March as well. Not only that, but it seems all three major Aussie carriers will be selling this bad boy in the first days of spring, so potential adopters will have enough options to go around.

Xperia Z

Telstra has been the first carrier to come forward with the official announcement, also opening a product registration page on the network’s official website. Meanwhile, Vodafone and Optus have failed to confirm anything themselves, letting John Featherstone, the head of Sony Mobile in Oceania, do the honors.

Naturally, pricing is a taboo subject down under as it is across the world. Then again, after doing some digging, we’ve heard word that the UK outright price might be of around £530 ($850). That sounds like a lot, we know, but in GB it’s close to Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s price, which sounds about right for what the Z has to offer.

One last revealing made by John Featherstone in his talk with Gizmodo Australia – around 80 percent of Sony phones for 2013 will be 4G-enabled, so you might say the company will look to focus on mid to high-end devices almost exclusively. What do you think, is that a good or a bad thing?

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