Sony Xperia Z

While Sony has never been a second-class player of the smartphone market, there’s always been this feeling that the company lacks a certain something to achieve true greatness. Especially compared to the likes of Apple or Samsung, the Xperia makers have been constantly one step behind in actual device releases, software updates, ability to create buzz or technological advancements and innovations.

The recently unveiled Xperia Z however actually looks like it could change all that, putting Sony ahead of the competition in at least a few key areas. Ability to create buzz? The Z is all over the news ever since its intro at CES, with Sony’s marketing and advertising departments doing an awesome job in letting just one or two details slip at a time.

Technological innovations? Well, we haven’t seen true innovations in a while, but Sony’s Xperia Z does get the thumbs up here too by being the first Full HD device to come with resistance to dust and water.

The phone is set to see daylight before Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and to undercut Apple’s iPhone 5 in terms of hardware upon launch, so you can’t say Sony is behind times from this standpoint either.


But what about the software? Despite Android 4.2 being around for a couple of months, Sony unveiled the Xperia Z with 4.1 on board, which was kind of off-putting. It’s true, the differences between the first and second JB versions are not as critical as the ones between 4.0 and 4.1, but it still felt like Sony could have made that extra effort.

Fret not, my friends, because, in a short Q&A online session, Sony has announced the Xperia Z will be launching on JB 4.1, but “will receive 4.2 shortly after launch”. Good news? I’d say, even though it does sound a tad ambiguous.

“Shortly after launch” could obviously mean one week or three months after, but, knowing Sony’s track record with software updates from 2012, something tells me you’ll be waiting a month at the worst for the latest and greatest Android version.

Now that that’s settled as well, all Sony has to do is launch the bloody thing and I bet stores will be under siege. Naturally, we couldn’t hope to get two big exposes during the same day, so we basically got nothing clear about the release – “Xperia Z is launching globally this quarter, we give local operators and retailers the chance to detail specifics on pricing and availability, so please check in with them for the latest info.”

It can’t be long now, ladies and gents, so the question on everyone’s lips is this: can Sony deliver on one of their most hyped up devices ever? What do you think?

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