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Video: Watch the Sony Xperia Z take 999 pictures in a little over a minute

Sony's Xperia Z, which isn't even out yet, but is already long forgotten, has a burst mode that allows you to take 999 pictures in just one minute.
February 11, 2013

The news cycle is funny, isn’t it? We’re less than 10 days away from HTC’s unveiling of the M7, Mobile World Congress is two weeks away, and if the rumors about the Galaxy S4 are true, then we’ll see that puppy get announced in roughly one month. But what about all the phones that were announced last month at the Consumer Electronic Show?

Do you even remember them?

Let’s refresh your memory, shall we? Sony, as far as we’re concerned, won the show. They showed off two smartphones, the Z and the ZL, each with the same set of specifications (quad core Snapdragon, 2 GB of RAM, 5 inch 1080p screen, 13 megapixel camera). The difference between them is that the Z is waterproof and made out of glass, whereas the ZL is made out of plastic and will probably die if you dropped it in a fish tank.

Thanks to YouTube user “MARCO KAO”, who somehow managed to score an Xperia Z, we now have a video of it doing something we’ve never seen before. The phone can take an unlimited amount of photos in burst mode, to the tune of almost 1,000 images in about a minute. And these are not low resolution images either, they’re 9 megapixels.

Will you ever take 999 photos in burst mode? Probably not. Why then are we writing about this feature? Because like we said earlier, we’ve yet to see another smartphone perform this task. The Xperia Z must have some insanely fast memory chips and an on-board image processor from the future. There’s also the quad core Snapdragon to thank too.