With the Xperia T (also known as the Bond Phone) stealing all the spotlight, most of you may have forgotten about another Sony high-end device scheduled to be released this year. The Xperia V is definitely not what you would call a run-of-the-mill phone, being an ever so slightly downsized version of the T.

Still, this has apparently been left to dust by Sony, which is hesitant to announce official pricing and availability even with more than a month after the device’s unveiling. We’re now finally starting to get a good picture of these details, which seem to fall into the usual good news/bad news scenario.

The good news is that, according to Sony Italy’s Twitter account, the Xperia V will be made available for between €400 and €500 (US$ 516 to $645) in its unlocked SIM-free flavor, which is less than the T’s price and an overall good deal.

The bad news is that earlier rumors seem to gain confirmation, as the same source tells us that the Xperia V “will be available by the end of the year.” That’s certainly vague enough to keep our hopes high for an October release, but odds are it means the handheld will only be coming in late November or early December.

Meanwhile, we’ve uncovered a listing for the phone in Germany, at ComputerUniverse retailer. The V is up for pre-order there at a pretty steep €579 ($748), with shipping estimated to start in “about 3-4 weeks.”

That again should lift the spirits of people craving for the 4.3-incher, although we know very well of these online retailers’ deviousness in announcing unrealistic shipping dates for unreleased phones only to get undeserved attention.

Is anyone still interested in the Xperia V? And if you are, do you think you’ll still be in a month? How about in two?

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