Sony Xperia TX firmware update

Sony Mobile Hong Kong has recently published information on its Facebook page regarding an improved benchmark for their Sony Xperia TX handset running the new software update, v7.0.A.3.197.

Xperia TX firmware update

It is not entirely clear as to what improvements the update brings, but readers of Xperia Blog report that the update brings a smoother user interface, power management, additional free RAM, screen mirroring capability to compatible WiFi enabled TVs, and improved WiFi connectivity. Stand by battery life has also been increased, to give users the added convenience of the phone’s battery lasting longer when not in use.

For now it looks like the firmware update is only available to the Vietnamese Xperia TX version, but should soon be released worldwide.

According to the image update ,the update has brought an 18% increase in the quadrant bench score, boosting its original score of 4779 to 5649 after the update is applied.

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