Although some Xperia TL users on AT&T reported getting the smooth and buttery Android 4.1.2 bump ever since two weeks ago, the carrier has only made the upgrade official earlier today. Oh, well, better late than never, especially that AT&T says the update is being pushed over-the-air instead of via the PC Companion software.

That makes everything so much easier and all you’ll have to do is dive in your phone’s “Settings” menu, select “About Phone”, then “Software Update” and follow the instructions.

Naturally, we recommend you turn on your Wi-Fi and make sure your battery is at least half charged before going forward with the upgrade. Jelly Bean will be your guaranteed preferred desert flavor from now on, as you’ll be treated with exciting new treats like Google Now and Drive Mode, as well as considerable performance enhancements all-around.

Sony Jelly Bean

The UI will look entirely different and be much smoother than before and you’ll also be getting expanded notifications, better battery life, an enhanced camera interface with a new Superior Auto mode and several bug fixes.

The TL follows on the footsteps of the T international “cousin” with this Jelly Bean leap, leaving only the TX out of the loop. Well, you know, the Xperia S, P and U too, but the trio is slightly older and lower on the food chain, so JB was never planned to come so soon.

Between this increasingly strong software support and the impressive-looking Xperia Z and ZL, is Sony on its way to fame and glory? And if so, is the bronze medal a too modest target or are Samsung and Apple still safe in the lead? Let us know in the comments section below, where we also welcome any feedback on Xperia TL’s Jelly Bean bump. Did you receive it? Is Android 4.1.2 all you’ve dreamt it to be?

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