Barely a day after Sony started shipping its latest Xperia Tablet S in the UK, we now have word that Sony is now shipping its tablets in the U.S. We have three models on sale Stateside, and these are on stock both at the Sony Store and Newegg.

Here are the SKUs, storage capacities and prices:

  • SGPT121US – 16GB / $399.99
  • SGPT122US – 32GB / $499.99
  • SGPT123US – 64GB / $599.99

Just a short recap of what you’ll get for your 400 bucks: the Sony Xperia Tablet S is the same magazine-style design built from aluminum that makes the Tablet S unique. In terms of specs, you’ll get a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 9.4-inch IPS touch screen panel at 1280×800 pixel resolution, a 6000 mAH battery and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box.

Intrigued? You can satisfy your curiosity better with these six demonstration videos of the Xperia Tablet S’ capabilities. You can also check out the feature video that Newegg has presented, which includes accessories, and what Xperia Blog says is an interesting host.

It might be an interesting afterthought that Sony is referring to its tablet as the “Xperia Tablet,” ommitting the “S” in most of its U.S. website. Perhaps Sony wants to simplify its branding, given that this is their only current-generation tablet, and due the potential confusion with the Xperia S smartphone.