Samsung seems to have failed once again with its latest effort to challenge Apple’s iPads, so for the time being the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 look like the only decent Android tablets out there. But are they really alone?

Sony might have not made many waves with the company’s first-generation Tablet S and P, but the recently introduced Xperia Tablet S looks quite promising. It’s waaaay too early to call this a true “iPad killer”, but what if it could be the answer to a few of our prayers?

We’ve taken a look at the 9.4-incher’s more than decent spec sheet upon its official unveiling last week, and now we have a bunch of promotional videos posted on YouTube to detail some of the little things that could make the tab great.

What I personally like at these six clips is that they don’t insist too much on the slate’s hardware or on cold facts about its specs. It’s true, numbers do play a major part in a gadget’s greatness, but today’s high-end tablets have so similar features that it’s not all about spec racing anymore.

Now I know that most of you hate pre-installed exclusive software (aka “bloatware” or “crapware”), but as we suspected a while back, Sony’s little app gimmicks might just make the difference between it and other similarly specced tablets.

The “Guest Mode” and “Small Apps” look like they could really make the Tablet S more “human”, while the Universal IR Remote Control, although not entirely new, is a touch of originality that makes this fellow more functional than most of its competitors.

The more general introduction video (the first one below) insists on the tablet’s design, look and lightweight, but also on its resistance to water (another element of added functionality), and the wide range of optional accessories available to make the most out of your interaction with “your entertainment hero”. Oddly enough, there’s no mention about the $400 pricing, which we would have thought would be another important selling point for Sony.

I know that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video… uhm, probably a million… so I’m going to end my jibber-jabber here and let the clips do all the talking:

Who thinks that the Tablet S could become one of the most successful Android slates ever to see the light of day? And who’s still not impressed about it?


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