Although we didn’t really need Sony to tell us Jelly Bean is currently “buttering up” the Xperia T and V, it’s nice to hear that the reports we’ve been getting for a week or so are the result of an organized software rollout.

The confirmation has come via a post on Sony Mobile’s blog, where TX’s Android 4.1 fate has also been cleared up. Xperia T’s slimmer brother is in for the software bump as well, but it’ll have to wait until “next month”.

If you’re yet to get the official invite to the Jelly Bean party over-the-air, you might want to perform a manual check for updates on your T or V. If that doesn’t change anything, you should also try to upgrade using the PC companion software or the Bridge app for Mac.

Xperia V Xperia T

Ultimately, if nothing helps, you can’t do much else than wait it out, because unfortunately these things come in waves and, according to Sony, “the rollout will continue to ramp up over this month and next”.

Oddly, there’s no mention whatsoever of the AT&T’s Xperia TL, despite it being almost identical to the T and TX hardware-wise. Bummer, we know, but try to not lose hope, as something tells us the TL should be upgraded to 4.1 in time for April Fools as well.

As for the update’s changelog, that includes all the basics, like Google Now and the usual performance enhancements, but also a bunch of Sony-specific tweaks. You’ll get “more intuitive versions” of the Walkman, Album and Movies apps, a revamped homescreen and improved camera functionality among others.

Sounds awesome, but how does it feel first-hand? That is, if you’ve got the Jelly Bean fever.

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