It’s hard to deny that momentum plays a big role in determining the fate of a device. If it’s teased and introduced too early, a device might lose some of its appeal by the time it reaches the end user. It is therefore important to put devices on sale as soon as you unveil them to the world. This was the approach that Samsung took with the popular Galaxy S3. And Sony apparently is keen on emulating the Koreans’ winning strategy. Having just introduced the Xperia T and Xperia J last week, Sony will reportedly put up the two phones for sale in the UK in just a couple of days.

The Sony Xperia T and Xperia J have been officially added to Carphone Warehouse’s Android lineup. The UK phone retailer said that the flagship Xperia T will be available starting September 5, which means it’s coming this Wednesday. The Xperia J will also be offered starting from the same date.

Just a quick reminder, the Xperia T is Sony’s latest must-have item aimed at the high-end crowd. The specs of the phone speak for themselves: 4.6-inch HD display, dual-core 1.5Ghz Snapdragon S4, 13MP rear camera with Exmor sensor, 16GB onboard storage, 1,850mAh battery, and Android 4.0 ICS. The budget Xperia J, meanwhile, comes with a 4-inch screen, 1GHz processor, 5MP rear camera, and Android 4.0 ICS.

Aside from the two new Xperia phones, Carphone Warehouse also announced that it will be carrying Sony’s first Xperia tablet. The UK release date hasn’t been confirmed, but we now know they’re planning to sell the WiFi Xperia Tablet S for £329, while the 3G variant will go for £429. It’s worth mentioning that the slate will hit American shores on September 7, with prices starting from $399.

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