Despite some mess up with the date, news about the UK release of Sony Xperia T have been flooding in since the flagship phone was unveiled late last month, which may have to do with the fact that it’s going to be James Bond’s choice of communication device. But what of those in North America who have been scanning the papers for hints of its debut in the country? Worry not, because FCC has your back.

What we mean is the Sony Xperia T has gone through the obligatory inspection process by the agency, and it could mean that the phone is coming out soon, assuming that Sony has landed a release partner.

We’ve learnt before that the Sony Xperia T won’t come with 4G radio, unlike its next of kin the Xperia V. The report issued by FCC confirms that the phone only packs HSDPA inside, which lends some credence the Xperia T will be embraced by T-Mobile.

But as we reported before, there’s also an AT&T variant of the Xperia T out there, at least from the promo pictures of the phone that have been making the rounds on the web. We may just see the Xperia T being carried by multiple U.S. carriers!

So, are you looking forward for the Xperia T or the Xperia V? Will it bother you that the T won’t be sporting LTE?

Bams Sadewo

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