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Aside from making us face the first world problem of choosing between the very similar Xperia Z and ZL high-end devices, Sony has very recently made buying a budget new Xperia phone also difficult.

You can go for the SP or L if you’re not keen on coughing 7 or 800 bucks for a mobile device. And while it’s pretty obvious which of the two is higher-end (the SP), passing the petite and sleek L might not be very easy.

But if you need a little help to compare the two and weigh in their pros and cons, Sony has published a heap of press photos for each one, as well as a number of promo videos. We don’t want to bore you out of your minds, so instead of posting them all here we’ve selected what has drawn our attention the most.

Sony Xperia SP promo videos and pics

Just like with Z and ZL’s marketing, Sony is focusing a lot on the “different” designs of the company’s new phones. We’d usually call this advertising approach shallow, but the SP is very elegant. And it does look premium, especially considering its price range.

There’s not a lot of attention given to specs and instead the spotlight is on software functions, NFC sharing, customizable illuminations and so on. Basically, what Sony is trying to do, not unlike Samsung, is set itself apart from the competition with the little things.

If you’re interested in SP’s specs, you can check them all out here, while the exquisite design will probably stand out more in these high-res press shots:

Xperia SPXperia SP-2Xperia SP-3Xperia SP-4Xperia SP-5Xperia SP-6


Sony Xperia L promo videos and images

The L, while petite and fairly elegant, is not a big looker like the SP, so Sony’s marketing hook this time around is the premium camera experience. And we get it, because you don’t exactly find entry-level phones with 8 MP snappers just everywhere, let alone ones with Exmor RS sensors, HDR video mode, auto focus, face and smile detection and all the other goodies crammed in L’s cam.

The only video that doesn’t focus on “the best of Sony camera expertise” talks about NFC one-touch sharing, so if you want more on the specs, you can go at this link here, while the design can be looked at closely in the below gallery.


Xperia LXperia L-2Xperia L-3Xperia L-4Xperia L-5Xperia L-6