Could 2012 finally be the year when Sony becomes a top 3 Android manufacturer? I don’t know yet, because I have to see more about how committed they are not only to software upgrades (which so far looks promising, considering they were the first to say all their Xperia phones from 2011 will get Android 4.0), but also to having the best of the best tech on the market.

I can see them pushing new technologies like Sony’s Bravia display, or HD resolution (like this phone will have), compelling hardware design, and phones that are as slim as their best competition. And now we find out that this phone, the Xperia S will also have technology that will repel dirt and new battery tech that allows it to charge in half the time as the older models.

However, I don’t think “they’ve made it” until they can say their phone is the most powerful phone in the market on the launch day. Sony needs their moment where everyone in the tech world can say: “Here, this Sony smartphone is now the best on the market today”.

They’ve been in the Android ecosystem for a almost 3 years now, and I haven’t heard that yet. I think they are slowly getting closer to that day, considering this phone will probably have a dual core 1.5 S3 processor, but that basically means they are already 6 months behind everyone else. That processor has been available for a while now. Even LG has used it. Seriously, Sony. Even LG can release phones that are more powerful than yours many months ahead.

So if they really want to take the Android world by storm, they need to do what Samsung does every single year with the Galaxy S – they release a phone that not only is the most powerful on the market at launch, but it continues to remain so for the next 6 months. The others have had their moment to shine, and Sony hasn’t had theirs yet. It’s time they have it, too.