After several mediocre years in the Android décor, Sony finally has a shot at becoming one of the greats, courtesy of the splendid Xperia Z and ZL. And yet not all the company’s attention is focused on the high-end duo, with a couple of mid-rangers expected to land soon.

Meanwhile, last year’s Xperia line-up continues to be spoiled. It was only a week ago we heard the first reports of Jelly Bean rolling out to the humble J, with the more impressive TL getting the same butter treatment a couple of days back.

And while we feared Sony would have too much on its plate to also worry about the one year-old Xperia S, that doesn’t seem to be the case. At all. In fact, the early 2012 flagship might actually get its own Android 4.1 Jelly Bean bump earlier than planned – in late March.


That’s based on a tweet sent out by Sony Mobile Germany, so you could say it’s official information. Then again, we know how tricky “social media” can be nowadays, meaning the ETA is definitely not set in stone yet.

Worst-case scenario, Sony’s German branch is wrong and we go back to the old schedule, according to which the Xperia S was due for an update in April. Which would still not be awful, would it?

Now how about some Android 4.2 upgrades, Sony? Also, some 4.1 love for the TX would be welcomed. And the P and U. Anyone want to add something to the wishlist?