Back in August, the Sony Xperia S was added to the list of target devices for the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) as part of an experiment that would hopefully see the device getting Nexus-like update support. As of today, the Xperia S has been taken off the list of target devices, but Sony hopes to continue the project.

The main reason given that Sony Xperia S AOSP support is ending is that “Google can’t maintain non-Nexus devices on the AOSP main branch in the long run.” Though the project was deemed a success by AOSP technical lead Jean-Baptiste Quéru, the Xperia S could never truly be an AOSP device because of the proprietary binaries required to actually make the phone fully functional.

Intent on continuing the project, Sony has created a GitHub repository for the existing source code and revealed their future plans for the code. As it is now, the device will boot using the AOSP code, and the SD slot, Wi-Fi and sensors are working. In the future, Sony hopes to replace some of the required binaries with open source code and eventually get Android 4.2 Jelly Bean running on the Xperia S.

Sony is hoping to get community developers involved, inviting them to check out the project in the new GitHub repository. There is a lot of work to do, so if you’re an interested developer, get started coding.

Do you think that we’ll eventually see Jelly Bean on the Sony Xperia S?

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