Remember when the Xperia S used to be Sony Mobile’s top dog? Sure you do, it was less than a year ago. In the meantime though, Sony has really stepped up its game, both in the smartphone and tab markets with the splendid Xperia Z and ZL handhelds, plus the super-slim Xperia Tablet Z.

Naturally, with Sony’s sights now set much higher than before, the love shown for yesterday’s high-enders is gradually wearing off. But not completely, as the Jelly Bean upgrade for the Xperia S is right around the corner.

Android 4.1 was said to roll out to the S in “late March” a while ago, but that deadline hasn’t been met. Instead, word around the street now is JB will be buttering up the 4.3-incher “in a few days”.

Like that last ETA, this also comes from one of Sony’s regional Facebook accounts, so, while it is official, it’s not exactly rock-solid. The Poland branch is responsible for getting people’s hopes high this time around, so fingers crossed for Sony delivering once and for all.


Of course, even if the Xperia S starts getting JB butter in Poland in the next few days, that doesn’t necessarily mean the update will be coming your way globally at the same time. The fact Sony’s previously optimistic German arm is now talking about a far vaguer Q2 update is not the best sign ever, but maybe they’re just trying to make sure they don’t mess up again.

Anyway, you can’t be too angry with Sony even if the Xperia S Jelly Bean bump will keep you waiting for a while longer. After all, the Japanese have been working hard in rolling out as many 4.1 updates as possible, for phones like the Xperia TX, TL, J, T and V. The Xperia P and U are probably next on the list, but they’re likely to be stuck to ICS for the spring.

Any Xperia S users listening? Are you pissed with Sony or just excited your torment is set to end soon?

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