Sony-xperia Nexus-back

I know that many people would love to see Sony’s take on the Nexus program. The Japanese company is one of the manufacturers that have been rumored to make a Nexus device, ever since the WSJ report from back in May.

Today, we have some good news (well, we hope so) for those looking forward to a Sony Xperia Nexus. A couple of pictures emerged on Picasa that supposedly show a Sony-made Nexus device. The images bear the title Sony Nexus X. The phone in question shares a lot of the design elements of the Xperia T and other recent devices launched by the Japanese giant, but in one of the pictures, you can see that the phone sports Google’s logo.


The other image shows the front face of the alleged Nexus X, running what appears to be Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.


The two images have been uploaded by the user “Mutul Yeter”, but a quick search suggests it’s probably a made up name.

Now, it’s very easy to forge such images, but we can’t help dream. The images do corroborate with other tidbits we learned over the last few months. But again, as some recent developments  have shown us, a good hoax always weaves in elements of truth.

What do you think?