It was only days ago Sony sent out a press release about the coming of Xperia Ion to “various wireless carriers” in Canada. The ink is barely dry, but now it appears Sony’s flagship phone will only be available on one carrier in the country, albeit for a limited time only.

The carrier that has secured the exclusivity deal with Sony in selling the company’s first LTE smartphone, the Xperia Ion, is Rogers Wireless. While the news hasn’t been confirmed by the two parties, the resourceful folks at Mobile Syrup have gotten their hands on a leaked internal document that adds credence of the Xperia Ion’s exclusivity on Rogers.

So if you were hoping to buy the Xperia Ion from another carrier, you will have to put that plan on hold for a couple months and wait until the deal ends. It probably won’t help that there’s no announcement yet on how long it will last. Of course, three or four months down the road the specs of the phone will become rather obsolete.

Likewise, there’s still no word yet on the phone’s availability and pricing on Rogers. If you’re a fan of Sony’s phone design, the Xperia Ion still worth having and parading around– once you look past the Snapdragon S3 processor and the outdated OS (Android 2.3 Gingerbread) it ships with. It’s still a beautiful phone with a brilliant 4.6-inch HD display and a rear camera that has a whopping 12MP sensor with Exmor R, as well as a 1.3MP front-facing camera.