Once upon a time, video cameras were massive, heavy devices that used something that we used to call film. Those were dark and primitive times.

Sure, bulky high-def camera equipment exists to this day (though sans traditional film in most cases), but is it necessary to create high quality content?

Sony says it isn’t. With most things though, proof is in the pudding.

The task was to create an entire music video using just the Xperia Ion smartphone. The Ion is capable of Full HD 1080p video, but how well does is actually work in a professional setting?

To find out, Sony decided to work with one of their partners, Metric. The idea was to do a live performance of the new Metric track, Synthetica, making use of the Sony Xperia Ion as the only filming equipment involved.

Interestingly enough, Sony took to the crowdsourcing approach, giving everyone in the crowd an Xperia Ion to film with. Afterwards, the footage was collected up and pieced together from clips. Technology is amazing sometimes, isn’t it?

The end result of the combined music videos can be seen above, and you have to admit: they did a pretty good job. Anyone else attempted a professional-style video using nothing but a smartphone?