Releasing a flagship phone with an outdated version of Android was one of the factors that led to a not-so-impressive Sony Xperia Ion. But to the delight of owners of the phone, Sony is making good on its promise to provide a swift upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich. After we saw the Android 4.0 firmware hitting the LTE variant of the phone a few days back, the update is reportedly coming to the Xperia Ion on AT&T.

You should already see the update notification on your Sony Xperia Ion LT28AT.  However, the update may only be downloaded and installed when you connect the phone to your PC and run Sony’s PC companion software, SuS.

It looks like there are two updates available: build 6.1.c.1.105 and .107. Since there’s no official change log yet, we can’t tell the difference between the two at this time. Some folks have reported that they were able to go to .107 without a hitch, while some said that the .105 update keeps popping up even when they’re already on .107. Hopefully AT&T can clear this confusion by the time they make the update official today.

Regardless of the not-so-smooth roll out, it’s an update that’s worth the slight hassle. Aside from the smoothness that it brings to the Xperia Ion, there are also the many perks that ICS comes with. If you’re an Xperia Ion user, please do share if you have encountered any difficulties while updating the phone. How do you like ICS on your Ion?