You can criticize Sony for a lot of things, such as releasing way too many phones and putting too much “bloatware” on top of Android, for example. But you can’t say the Japanese haven’t done a stupendous job with ICS upgrades.

Sure, there’s always room for better and some might argue that the high-end Xperia S has gotten the software bump a bit too late, but Sony’s efforts to get Android 4.0 out for as many phones as possible have been truly relentless.

Aside from the Xperia S, we’ve seen a bunch of Sony handhelds officially upgraded to ICS over the last few months, most of which could have been easily left out of the mix due to their “outdated” hardware. The Mini ProActive, Mini, Neo, Arc, Live with Walkman, Ray, Arc S and Neo V, all part of last year’s Xperia lineup, have made the software leap to Android 4.0. This is in theory, at least, because in reality only particular models of these phones have gotten the bump.

Now Sony is clearly not a company that likes to leave things unfinished, so the most recent announcement on the manufacturer’s official blog confirms what we suspected for a while. All those phones’ different models will finally get Android 4.0.4 upgrades, which will bring bug fixes and a wide array of performance enhancements.

The phones that have already been updated to ICS will receive this latest software package OTA (over-the-air), and the only changes and tweaks you should notice will most likely get you rid of some nasty bugs and glitches.

As for those of you who’re still stuck to Gingerbread, you’ll be receiving a notification that the upgrade is available for your particular phone and you’ll then have to connect your handheld to a PC or Mac and manually download the new ROM using PC Companion or Bridge for Mac. The improvements and tweaks will be much more noticeable for you and will include an exciting new redesigned UI.

The Xperia Arc, Arc S, Neo, Neo V, Mini, Pro, Active and Ray will be all upgraded to Android 4.0.4 “starting from this week,” while the Mini Pro, Neo L and Live with Walkman are “next up and will start to receive their serving over the next few weeks.”

Of course, some delays are still to be expected, but it’s very likely that by the end of September each and every owner of any of those above mentioned phones will get his chance to taste some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness. After that, who knows, maybe there’ll be some Jelly Bean sweetness coming too.

Who here has already got ICS on his 2011 Xperia phone? And who’s excited about the soon to be released upgrades?