Sony is getting its high-end smartphone guns ready for the summer charge against Samsung and HTC and the first battle it has to fight is a local one. However, the Japanese market it’s a very important one for Sony, so it’s no wonder that the Xperia GX and SX will be promoted with an aggressive marketing campaign in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Sony posted three new commercials on its official YouTube account in the last few days, and these will surely raise some controversy. But as bizarre as they might seem at a first Western glance, the ads definitely have the potential to drive Sony’s sales forward in Japan.

Beatbox ballerina mix

My personal favorite out of the trio has nothing to do with Sony’s upcoming smartphones. As you’ll see from the video below, there’s only a short mention of the GX/SX duo at the end, which is clearly a very different approach than that of European and American advertising agencies.

Then again, Japan is a very different and unique society, one that places huge importance on the feel good factor and on “kawaii” (the quality of cuteness). Does this ad have anything to do with Sony’s new gadgets? Not really. Is it cute, original and makes you feel good? Definitely. Would it have a shot in the Western world? Probably not.

Beach flags

If I wouldn’t be so secure about my sexuality, I’d say that this second Sony commercial is not exactly my cup of tea. However, I understand that Sony is targeting female tech users too, especially with the Xperia SX, so I see why they’d feel the need to strip down some Japanese hunks and make them run through the sand in slow motion.

Also, although this commercial does feel like it has no connection with the advertised products at first, it’s pretty obvious that Sony wanted to tie the new phones with the ideas of high speed, high performance, and competition.

Cheerleading flashmob

You don’t have to be an advertising genius to know that if you put cheerleaders and technology together, you’ll get the attention of guys everywhere in an instant. But cheerleaders, technology, and flashmobs? That seems like a very strangely mixed cupcake, even for the extremely open-minded and extravagant Japanese.

This ad is clearly my least favorite of the trio (not a fan of the music either), and it’s also the one that I think is the least tied with the advertised products. Maybe Sony tried to connect the GX and SX with the idea of entertainment or maybe it was about being fashionable and hip.

What do you guys think about the three Xperia GX/SX commercials? Do you understand the catch, the connection between the ads and the products? And more importantly, do you like them?