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New mid-range Sony smartphone leaked, is this Sony's Xperia G?

ViziLeaks has tweeted a couple of pictures and the hardware specs of a new mid-range Sony handset, which it is calling the Xperia G.
February 17, 2014
Sony Xperia G leak 1

It looks like there’s a substantial hole in Sony’s ship, as leaked information about its upcoming devices has been pouring out recently.

As well as the company’s new high-end Sirius handset, leaks have also cropped up regarding the upcoming Xperia Z2 tablet, and now we’ve found out that Sony might be planning a new mid range handset to accompany its top tier releases.

ViziLeaks has tweeted a couple of pictures of a new handset, although it’s partially obscured by a Xperia Z1S. It’s tough to tell much about the smartphone from the pictures, but ViziLeaks has taken to calling it the Xperia G.

Sony Xperia G leak 2

Along with the pictures and suggested name, the leak also includes some specs, which places the device decisively in the middle of the market. The tweets suggest that the handset will ship with a 4.8 inch display, 8GB of internal memory, an 8MP rear facing camera, and 1GB RAM. There’s no mention of which processor it’ll come with or what resolution we can expect from the display, and the smartphone appears to be missing the waterproofing offered with Sony’s higher-end products.

If the leak turns out to be true, this means that Sony is sticking with its uninformative naming strategy for midrange products, a pet hate of mine.

Given that someone has managed to get so close to the Xperia G, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sony brings the handset along to the Mobile World Congress later on in the month.