Sony has definitely not been a fan of the “putting all one’s eggs in one basket” strategy, and, while some of you might complain about the company’s huge line-up of phones, others are seeing the policy as a great opportunity to satisfy every possible need or preference.

We’ve seen a number of high-end Sony phones go on sale lately, the mid-range offering is more than generous too, while the entry-level line is filled with budget-friendly devices. That’s the way things are set to be for the Xperia makers in the near future as well, with unreleased high, but also low-end phones making the rumor rounds.

We’re all as excited as we can be about the Odin and Yuga, but the newly uncovered Xperia E and E Dual should themselves attract the attention of a somewhat different niche. The low-end duo has been spotted in Indonesian FCC-like Postel’s records under the C160X/C150X and NanHu DS/NanHu SS codenames.

The existence of the two handhelds hasn’t been officially confirmed just yet, but by all appearances they should be the successors of the Xperia tipo and tipo dual. That means we should expect to see them released sometime over the next summer in Asia and in the fall of 2013 in Europe and/or US.

By that time however, we wonder if the 1 GHz single-core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7227A CPUs and Android 4.0.4 ICS rumored to power the E and E Dual won’t be a little too outdated even for dirt-cheap phones.

Other specs the two phones should “rock” are Adreno 200 GPUs and 480 x 320 pix res displays (most likely with 3.2-inch diagonals). Of course, the Xperia E Dual will be able to fit two SIM cards, while the Xperia E will be the more standard single SIM little guy.

It sounds like all these could have going for them will be low prices, although again it’s way too early to make any predictions. Unless we’re wrong about them coming one year after the tipo/tipo dual duo and they’ll get a release in early 2013, in which case we would expect a starting price of below $200 off-contract.

So, what do you think? How do the E and E Dual sound? Does the bar have to be raised higher for entry-level phones in the next year or so? Or do these spec sheets still sound good enough for around 200 bucks?