Xperia E

Though Sony already has a wide array of choices for budget-focused Android enthusiasts, the recently unveiled Xperia E managed to grab our attention with two tiny details – its low, low price, but mostly the running of 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box.

The low-ender’s exact release date was left out of the initial announcement, but now we can narrow down that vague “Q1” timeframe to a much more solid February ETA. At least that’s when Carphone Warehouse in the UK expects to start selling the E, because it’s not impossible for other retailers in other countries across Europe to get a headstart.

Xperia E-2

Given that Carphone Warehouse is so open about this likely time of release, we shouldn’t be very surprised the seller is trying to keep a veil of mystery over at least the pricing. Then again, with the German price tag already confirmed for €159, it’s not hard to guess British tech enthusiasts will be asked to cough up around £130-140 for the E (unlocked, bien sur).

Two questions that still remain unanswered is whether or not CW will have both the E and E Dual up for grabs come February 2013, but more importantly if the phone(s) will be coming with Jelly Bean on board. We thought that was the case, but a bizarre “upgradeable to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean” tag on the coming soon section of the retailer’s website makes us reconsider. Now that would be seriously uncool,  Sony!