We’ve heard about Nozomi before, and I was saying how maybe, just maybe, SE (now Sony) will start catching up in the hardware department, too, in 2012, after they’ve been pretty aggressive in the software updates department so far this year.

But that’s really all Sony’s lacking from becoming a real top dog in the smartphone market. Well that, and perhaps slimming down their devices a bit more. I’m not talking about the Arc series. The Arc is pretty slim as it is, and I’m sure Arc HD will be even slimmer. But I want them to treat their whole product line like that, and not just a phone or two. Otherwise, in the design department I believe they are pretty good, with their own unique style.

So the big rumor today is that the Arc HD, formerly recognized as Nozomi, will feature a 1280×720 resolution display, which will make it competitive going into 2012, and will also make it Android 4.0 ready by default, since Android 4.0 was built with that resolution in mind, although I’m sure it can be scaled down to other resolutions as well.

The display will most likely be a Bravia one, so things should get very interesting in 2012 with all these high-PPI 720p screens that are also very high quality, including Samsung’s Super AMOLED and LG’s AH-IPS.

So now the question remains, what kind of dual core chip will it really have? It’s most likely going to be a Qualcomm chip – but which? If it’s the current dual core 1.5 Ghz S3 that’s in the T-mobile GS II and HTC Rezound, I will be pretty disappointed, mainly because the Arc HD will probably launch in early 2012, so it will be a bit behind the times by then.

I would love for this phone to come straight with the dual core 1.5 Ghz S4 (Krait based) CPU from Qualcomm, and together with Android 4.0. Now that’s a comeback! It would immediately put Sony at the top of the pack, with the best of the best. The phone is said to be “blazing fast” so maybe it does have that chip.

I think both of those are required for Sony to really shake up that perception that they are usually behind the others in what they offer. It might significantly put them ahead of LG, which hasn’t had a stellar track record in 2011.

[Source: GSMArena]