I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to the movies very often lately. The tickets are outrageously expensive, not to mention the dough you have to cough up if you’re craving for a tasty beverage or a snack.

But sometimes, not very often, you’ll end up in a cinema at the perfect time to enjoy the fruits of a company’s marketing campaign and you’ll not feel like Hollywood is totally ripping you off. In most cases, that’ll get you a free soda or popcorn, enough to lift your spirits, but not to make you overly excited in regularly coming back to the theater.

How about if a marketing campaign like that would get you a free soda cup, but also an uber-cool $500 worth Android smartphone? Would that be a lucrative enough deal to make you support the movie industry 100%?

I think it would, and it was for a few lucky Swedish James Bond fans. While waiting for the beginning of the new Skyfall movie in a Stockholm theatre, these got a call on their brand new Sony Xperia acro S phones that were hidden… in their soda cups.

This was of course nothing else but a very crafty marketing campaign to promote the handheld’s waterproof capabilities, but we have to hand it to Sony – when it comes to unorthodox advertising, they’re the champions.

Just take a look at the video clip below to see how they took this very smart concept and turned it into reality. Not to mention the recently closed Facebook contest that had a 24K gold-plated Xperia P as the grand prize.

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