Despite being one of the busiest Android bees of the past few months, Sony seems not to care too much about its US fans. Very few of those fresh handhelds made their way stateside, and even fewer came to major carriers in subsidized forms.

The status quo shouldn’t drastically change too soon, but we are getting signals that Sony is ready to show just a little love to Americans. The recently unveiled Xperia T passed its FCC inspection with flying colors, being just about confirmed for a T-Mobile launch, and now four slightly older devices are up for grabs in the US.

The Xperia acro S, miro, tipo and tipo dual each have their selling points and a certain wow factor, but unfortunately they are all only available for sale in unlocked versions. That means you’ll have to scrape together more than just a few pennies to get the phones, although the upside is you won’t tie yourself to a long-term carrier agreement.

If that sounds good to you, you’ll probably be most interested in the Xperia acro S. That’s by far the most generously equipped phone out of the quartet, being powered by a dual-core 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon CPU with 1 GB of RAM.

The 4.3-incher has a beautiful LCD touchscreen with 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, 16 GB of on-board memory, microSD storage, a 12 MP rear-facing shooter, and a 1,910 mAh battery. Although it comes with IP57 certification for dust and water resistance, the acro S is rather slim, weighing in at 147 grams and measuring 11.9 mm in thickness.

Available in black and ceramic white, the Xperia acro S will set you back a $649.99 if you choose to get it from Sony’s official store.

The Xperia miro is far more affordable, going for just $239.99 in white, white/gold, black/pink, and metal black. However, the 3.5-incher is more modestly equipped, with an 800 MHz Qualcomm MSM7225A CPU and 512 MB of RAM under its hood. The 480 x 320 screen, 4 GB of internal memory, and 5 MP rear-facing camera are themselves not highly attractive specs, although you will be happy to know that this little guy runs Android 4.0 ICS and comes with microSD support.

Even lower on the Android evolutionary chain you can find the Xperia tipo and tipo dual. The two phones look identical, having 3.2-inch screens and 800 MHz MSM7225A CPUs, but the tipo dual allows accommodating two SIM cards at once.

The tipo is available in navy blue, deep red, classic black and classic white for $189.99, while its dual SIM “brother” goes for $209.99 in either classic silver or serene black.

You can place your orders for all four phones right now through Sony US, with the acro S and tipo shipping right away, while the miro and tipo dual will only reach you starting October 4.

Is anyone thinking of getting the ruggedized, but elegant SIM-free Xperia acro S? How about the budget-friendly miro, tipo and tipo dual?

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