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Sony's X-Reality engine comes to lower-end Xperia devices

X-Reality tends to be exclusive to Sony's high-end line of smartphones, but our beloved developers have brought the feature to other Sony smartphones.
July 14, 2014
sony x-reality

Sony’s advantage is in the technology and optimizations behind their raw components. Their experience in other fields makes their devices very unique, as they tend to adopt other technologies in their mobile department. An example is their screen optimizations, which include Bravia’s Triluminous and X-Reality improvements.

These optimizations tend to be exclusive to Sony’s high-end smartphones, though. As of now, only devices like the Sony Xperia Z1, Z1s, Z1 Ultra and Z2 have the privilege of touting these optimizations. At the end of the day these features are mostly software optimizations. This means our handy developers can make porting them possible!

XDA forums member taichiswag has creaded a MOD to enable the X-Reality engine in other Sony devices. It will work on most Xperia smartphones with Android 4.3 or higher. It also works with both locked and unlocked bootloaders, but you do have to have a rooted device.

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This is no easy task for most, as some of the steps may be a bit confusing. If you choose to go ahead and flash this mod, you should follow steps carefully and do your research. Remember tinkering your smartphone may harm your device or void your warranty. That is never good news.

Taichiswag’s forum post seems to have been removed, but it turns out the topic was already alive before and the mod files are updated in the older thread. You can go ahead and download the files straight from XDA Developers.

Those who don’t know what X-Reality does can check out our in depth explanation on the subject. In short: it analyzes images and tries to improve their detail, contrast, color and more. I have seen it in person and works like a charm!