sony_walkman_nwz-a820_mainAs the seasons change, we’re still without the plethora of Android devices we had hoped for by now. However, after the recent announcements that Google expect a whole host of Android devices by the years end, as time passes offering only a trickle of Android gear so far, we can’t help but expect a tidal wave to come soon.

It turns out that Sony may be involved in the Android mix after all, with rumours that they intend to launch a Walkman media player based Google’s Android. Although they may not offer the player as part of the avalanche of Android devices due before 2010, the Walkman media player could be available early next year. Furthermore, this rumour is fueled by two Japanese websites, Impress and Nikkan, although neither appears to offer a source for their leaked information.

With Sony Ericsson’s Peter Ang confirming that the mobile phone giant will wait until Android 2.0 before they release an Android phone device, it is not inconceivable that Sony themselves are just waiting for a more mature build before they get their hands dirty; perhaps this is it?

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.