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Mystery Sony Tegra 3 tablet spotted in benchmark results

March 20, 2012
Sony Tegra 3

Sony has drawn criticism (including from us), for the lackluster device lineup that they’ve shown at MWC, a few weeks ago. I am talking about the conspicuous absence of a quad-core flagship, something that even ZTE and Huawei, the new kids on the Western markets block, have managed to deliver, and, in the case of Huawei with stunning success.

And Sony doesn’t do any better in the tablet department either. The admittedly original Tablet P and Tablet S are seen by consumers as exotic novelty items, rather than able-bodied competitors in the cut-throat tablet market. Again, the lack of a quad-core chipped powerhouse is glaring. How did Sony respond to these critics? We’ll use quad-core procs when we’re ready, which probably means 2013. Ouch.

But apparently Sony isn’t just standing by, watching everyone else have fun with the quad-core Tegra 3. If a NenaMark benchmark session is of any credibility, Sony has a Tegra 3 powered tablet in the making, codenamed V150.

Sony-V150 tegra 3 benchmark

Courtesy of Japanese tech blog Ambelo, we’ve learned about a mystery Sony tablet that was spotted in the listings of NenaMark 1, an OpenGL-ES 2.0 graphics performance benchmark. It seems that a Sony engineer or someone else in the position to test out new products has run the benchmark on a Tegra 3 powered device that runs Ice Cream Sandwich. From the benchmark results, we can also tell that the device has the same resolution as the wedged-shaped Tablet S, or 1280 x 752 pixels (WXGA).

The device was benchmarked only once, obtaining a score of 59.7 FPS, which is about the same with the performance of a Samsung Galaxy S2. Of course, we should always take benchmark leaks with a nice grain of salt, as they can be spoofed. However, the processor’s ID is harder to disguise, so, there is probably some truth to this affair.

Anyway, when can we expect a Tegra 3 Sony tablet in stores? I hope that it will happen faster than it took Sony to deliver the Tablet P and Tablet S. Otherwise, a year from now, I see myself writing yet another Sony-late-to-the-game post. But, this time, Sony will move a bit faster. Right?