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Sony teases its own "next big thing", possibly a Z Ultra successor?

Sony has released a new trailer promising the "next big thing" and asking us to stay tuned. Could this be a hint at the Z Ultra's successor?
June 2, 2014

It seems Samsung in’t the only company constantly working to bring us “the next big thing”, as Sony has now released a new teaser promising us that they will soon bring us the next big thing and that we should stay tuned. As is typical of these type of teasers, there are likely subtle hints in the wording and presented images but nothing too solid to go by.

So what kind of images can be found? Not much other than a woman in a red dress and the side of a Sony phone that’s put up closely against the camera taking the photo. Judging by the hint of the next “BIG” thing and the fact that the phone itself looks like a monster — it’s seems fairly reasonable to think that this could be an update to the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

So what can we expect from a possible Xperia Z2 Ultra (or whatever they call it)? While it’s hard to say for sure, we know that unless the Z2 Ultra is downsizing compared to its predecessor, it will at least clock in at a massive 6.4-inches with the minimum of a 1080p display. When the Xperia Z Ultra debuted, 6.4-inches was nothing short of ginormous. This still holds true today, but remember we’re also seeing core flagship devices with screens as big as 5.5-inches.

Could this mean the Z2 Ultra will go even bigger than 6.4-inches? We obviously don’t know, though we wouldn’t be too surprised if the display resolution at least gets a bump to QHD. As for when the handset will be unveiled? Considering the next major trade show is IFA and Sony debuted the Z Ultra somewhat quietly via a simple press release, odds are the Z2 Ultra will continue this tradition.

What do you think, excited for a second-gen iteration of Sony’s massive smartphone? What would you like to see Sony do differently this time around?