The latest episode of the promotional video series for Sony’s upcoming Sony Tablet S1 and Sony Tablet S2 has already been released. This fourth episode is the second-to-the-last in the series entitled “Two will.”

Just like the first, second, and third episodes, the fourth installment in the series shows more of the features that the upcoming Sony tablets have in store. Episode 1 showed off the tablets’ “optimal design.” Episode 2 portrayed the tablets as “swift and smooth.” Episode 3 showcased the tablets’ abilities for “network entertainment.” Episode 4 brags about the tablets’ capability for “cross-device linkage.”

Here’s episode 4:

The fifth and final episode will be released on August 23, according to Sony. That seems to be a strong clue that the Sony Tablet S1 and Sony Tablet S2 won’t be launched before that date.

Leaked Screenshots

Meanwhile, mobile tech blog Carrypad uncovered screenshots of the Sony tablets on the company’s support site. The support pages carrying the screenshots were immediately taken down, according to Carrypad. That led many folks to believe that Sony was live testing the support pages for the upcoming tablets. But, we suspect it was a deliberate publicity stunt. Whatever it was, the screenshots collected by Carrypad reveal several telling details of the Sony Tablet S1 and the Sony Tablet S2.

First, Android 3.2 Honeycomb. While most other tablets have yet to receive their software upgrades for Android 3.1 Honeycomb, Sony’s handiworks will come preloaded with the latest Honeycomb.

Second, the Sony tablets will make Wi-Fi connections less troublesome with a Wi-Fi Checker application. Considering the painstaking effort and the presumably humongous budget that Sony has set aside for their flagship Android tablets, we’ll be sorely disappointed if this Wi-Fi Checker doesn’t support a variety of simple and enterprise-level connection types.

Third, preloaded apps. Worth noting is the virtual keyboard that comes with a number pad.

Fourth, a look at Sony’s proprietary charger. This screenshot seems to be for the Sony Tablet S1. The power charger isn’t micro-USB. We don’t know why Sony sticks to a proprietary charger when most other manufacturers have pledged to fully comply–by 2012–with the Universal Charger Solution (UCS) initiative’s standards specifying the use of micro-USB as the common charging port for handheld and portable devices. Regardless, you’ll need to always bring the proprietary adapter so you can power up your tablet when battery power runs low.

Overall, the Sony Tablet S1 and the Sony Tablet S2 are interesting, oddly-shaped tablets that a lot of people will most likely fancy. These two will most likely hit the market in September. Are you getting one?

Image credit: Carrypad

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