Sony’s odd-shaped tablet, the Sony Tablet S (formerly called the Sony Tablet S1) could be arriving in Canada as early as September 14.

MobileSyrup was able to grab a copy of an invitation said to be from Sony Canada.  The document invites the recipient to be the first to see the new Sony Tablet when it reaches Canada.

Only the top portion of the invitation is visible, but it does reveal some details.  For instance, Sony Canada is holding a Customer VIP Night in its Sony Head Office in Toronto on September 14 or 15.

No detail about the price or the availability of the Sony Tablet S has been announced yet.

Ever since Sony announced its Sony Tablet S (S1) and Sony Tablet P (S2) a few months back, the public has been looking out for what these two new Androids have in store for them.

Of chief interest is Sony Tablet S, a 9.4-inch tablet with Android 3.1 Honeycomb onboard and powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.  The Sony Tablet S also carries a capacitive touch panel with display resolution of 1280×800.

The tablet also contains original Sony features such as preloaded Sony PlayStation One games, a Bravia Media Remote, and of course, the PlayStation integrated all in one Android tablet. This makes the tablet a one-of-a-kind multimedia and PlayStation tablet in the tech world.

The Sony Tablet S also carries two cameras (rear-facing and front) and a USB port. One can also use the Sony Tablet S to control a Sony Bravia TV through an infrared port built into the tablet.

No doubt, the Sony Tablet S will integrate mobility and entertainment the Sony way.   As to whether the Sony Tablet S will charm Canadians when it arrives, we’ll see soon.

How strongly attracted are you to the Sony S Tablet?

Image credit: MobileSyrup