With all the praise that Sony has received for their effort to bring something new to the Android tablet experience, it’s rather a anti-climactic to see how little attention their tablets have received from technophiles in the US.

However, things may change, now that AT&T decided to bring forth the Sony Tablet P to the US. The arrival of this innovative clamshell tablet  to American shores is a couple of months behind the rest of the world, but the group of devs at Pocketables wasted no time in making up the lost ground.  Merely days after the Tablet P became available from AT&T, two Pocketables users have come up with a method to enable rooting on the Sony Tablet P.

According to the instructions offered on the Pocketables forum, it takes but some minor effort on your side to gain that ‘Superuser’ access on your precious tablet. All you have to do is to download both the ADB installer and the provided rooting program, follow the relatively simple instructions, and you will be on your merry way towards a rooted Sony Tablet P. More details can be found on the forum, but as always, keep in mind that you proceed at your own risk.

The Sony Tablet P is a unique tablet that has two foldable screens, each with a 5.5-inch display of 1024 x 480 resolution. It boasts a dual-core Tegra 2 clocked at 1GHz, 1GB of RAM, 4GB of storage, and Android 3.2 Honeycomb. The other Sony tablet, which has yet to make its ways to the US, is the wedge-shaped Tablet S, which has similar specs to the P model, except for the single 9.4-inch screen. By the way, it’s only a couple of weeks since the Sony Tablet S has received its very own root treatment.

Sony has mentioned that an upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich will be made available for the international versions of its two tablets, but it is currently unknown when the upgrade will make its way to AT&T’s Tablet P model.

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