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Sony SmartWatch goes open-source, looking for more innovation

Sony's SmartWatch is now open source, so anyone can develop a custom firmware for the device with the help of the Open SmartWatch project. Read on for more details!
June 17, 2013
Sony SmartWatch
Sony SmartWatch

After releasing the first true smartwatch from a major manufacturer, Sony shows its pioneering skin again by making the project fully open-source. Hoping to attract extra attention and possibly more innovative ideas from independent developers, Sony has granted them opened access.

Running on pure Android essence, Sony’s SmartWatch was already compatible with various Google Play applications. Moreover, anyone who wished to develop a new title had the ability of doing so. Now, that level of freedom has been extended even further and in the near future Sony expects the first alternative firmware versions to appear on Open SmartWatch, the official page of the project.

Sony also helps all those interested with instructions on how to create a custom firmware for their watches and reasons to do it, complete with developer support. While the gadget has received less media attention than expected, the most-watched companies for such wearable gadgets being Apple, Google and Samsung, the Sony SmartWatch is still capable of doing some nice things.

sony smartwatch

Presenting an elegant body, the stylish wristwatch comes with multi-level touch support used to sense various gestures, phone-paired notifications for calls, messages and other forms of communication and even works as an Android remote. Available in black and white with various wristwatch combinations, Sony’s SmartWatch can also provide calendar information, music details and keep users connected with various social media networks.

All those features and especially their design can now be extended and customized even more with the help of a custom firmware.

Would a Sony SmartWatch with a more customizable system incite you to buy it?