Who wears wristwatches anymore these days? After all, we have our phones to tell the time.

People who share this sentiment may want to reconsider, now that some hipper and positively geekier smart watches have come bursting into the time-telling scene. Two of the most popular offerings were released by Sony, with its SmartWatch, and Motorola’s, with the MOTOACTV. Incidentally, the two companies have just rolled out the latest software updates for their smart watches.

Sony SmartWatch update

If you were peeved at Sony for not letting the screen of its SmartWatch show the time in standby mode, you’ll be glad to hear that the issue has been rectified. The update will ensure that the watch face will remain visible at all times. It might affect the battery performance, though. Apart from the usual bugs fixes, the latest software brings support for Endomondo Sports Tracker, the popular fitness and sports tracking app. Sony has tweaked and improved the Watch’s music player, the Weather app, and other third-party apps as well.

The update for Sony SmartWatch is already available on Google Play, but owners of the watches can also wait for the update notification on their device.

Motorola MOTOACTV update

As for the software version 7.2 update  for Motorola’s MOTOACTV, it brings many new functions and features to the watch, including the ability to get social media updates – Twitter and Facebook – on your watch and more.  Here’s the complete list:

  • New views, more options for Golf
  • More flexible workout planning
  • New heart rate choices for fitness zones
  • See Facebook and Twitter posts
  • Smarter start key
  • Add more custom activities, which come with better accuracy
  • Better view of post-workout map
  • Easier Wi-Fi network setup

That’s quite a big update from good old Moto. You can get the latest update by hooking up your MOTOACTV to your computer, after which you’ll be prompted to download and install it

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