In less that two months’ time, you could be wearing your brand new Sony Smartwatch. Reports out of the UK suggest that the retailer, Clove, has been prepped by Sony for a September 9 release. This was after Sony originally told Clove the date for release would be July 15, which has come and gone.

If you’re not familiar with the watch, it’s a really sublime piece of kit on paper. Waterproof to 1 meter, a 1.6-inch screen, and 200 apps currently available. You can also take a call from the device, or take a picture! Some reports suggest you will be able to get 4 days use on one charge, so this really could be a daily driver, not a fascination for tech elitists.

At right around $200, it’s not a significant investment for many, but also not an impulse buy. The success or failure of this will depend on apps and interface. Sony says their interface for this watch is more like Android, which will make it familiar for a wider audience. Sony has been pretty wonderful as of late to support the developer community as well, and their smartwatch is no different. The Open Smartwatch initiative is another way Sony is openly embracing open source, and it could yield some great apps.

If they can get this watch out on September 9 with a bevy of good apps, they’ll be ahead of the game. Apple has hit a few snags with their iWatch, and Google is not giving any official word on their watch concept. Samsung is toying with the idea of a watch, also, but we’re not holding our breath for that, either. The Sony watch looks to be a step up from the Pebble, so we’ll be excited to see how it’s received once in the hands of users.